About Us

About us:

Photographer, Robert Scrip, has always had a a deep passion for photography and art design. As long as he can remember, he has had a camera or video camera in his hands.  He loves to capture the emotions of the day and tell a story through photos and videos.


Robert and his wife Stacy, live in Milwaukee, WI. They have 2 children, Emma and Michael James. Robert enjoys photographing his children as all proud fathers do.  Robert has created countless portraits of his and other families children that will be cherished forever.


Along with Robertís passion for photography, he loves to work with computers.  Naturally, the technology of digital photography lends itself well to his love for computers.  Robertís post production and art design albums skills are just another thing that sets him apart from other photographers. His post production skill makes photographs, art masterpieces. 


Robert started photographing weddings in 1978 as well as landscapes, glamour, sporting events, family reunions, baptisms, and many other special occasions.  Those photographs and candid shots are what tell the story and Robert has an eye to capture everything happening around him.

Mission Statement: 

Mission Statements are the fad these days.  So we think it should be simple and easy to understand.


RScrip Studios strives to capture and create beautiful photographs that you will treasure forever.


We will capture the emotions of the people we are photographing. So when you look at that photograph or portrait you feel like you are there or it simply inspirers a deep inner feeling within yourself.


We will provide all of our clients with products that are of the highest quality.  We use the finest leather albums, quality paper for are prints and the finest frames available.


We will achieve in making your wedding, event, or portrait a great experience, and most of all worry-free.


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