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Question: Do you have packages for weddings and other photo shoots?


Answer: No, I believe each customer is different, each wedding is different, each shoot is different.  We will Customized a package that will fit your needs. This way you are not forced into something you donít want or need.




Question: Ordering? How do I order REPRINTS, Christmas Cards, Sign-In book, Coffee Table/Story books, Calendars, Locker Dates, T-Shirts, and Coffee Mugs?


Answer: We want you to call or e-mail us.  If you e-mail us, we will call you back.  We want to talk with our customers to make sure they are ordering the right items.  We really do like talking with our customers!  In this day and age of fancy online ordering systems there isn't any customer/provider relations which I think we need to have a successful business.




Question: How do I Pay?


Answer: Cash or Check, at this time, we DO NOT accept Credit Cards. We had so few customers ask for credit card payment that we dropped it, and these days almost all the Credit Card companies send you checks that go right on your credit card. We suggest that you use them if you need pay via credit card.  If we start to see a trend of customers wanting to use credit card cards again, of course we would reinstate credit cards as a way of payment.




Question: How do I hold the date for my wedding?


Answer: When RScrip Studios receives and clears a $500.00 NON-REFUNDABLE RETAINER Fee from you. Note: this is not a deposit! it is a retainer fee for our services on that date.




Question: When is the rest of my Money due?


Answer: There are two more payments that will be due, 2nd payment which is half of the total package cost will be due 3 months before your wedding date, the next and final payment will be due 2 weeks before your wedding date with NO Exceptions! (minus the $500.00 retainer fee)




Question: what is the payment schedule for reprints?


Answer: Reprints for a wedding or other shoot. Half the total cost at time of order, payment in full when you pick up your order. All wedding albums must be paid in full if not part of the original wedding order.




Question: I talked with other Photographers and they told me that they take 700, 800, 1,200 and more Pictures at their weddings. How many pictures do you take at a wedding? How many will I get? Or see? Or can have?


Answer: Just like above, all events and wedding are different. We can just as easily hold down the button all the time and take 2000 plus shots of your wedding. We can take 5 shots a second thatís 300 shots a minute with one camera if we want.  We donít, but, we could.  It's not about the quantity itís about the quality of the images.  Taking 300 photos of you looking at your flowers does not qualify, in my book, as being a good photographer.


Most real wedding albums have a Maximum of 20-30 pages in them, now thatís two sides per page or 60 sides tops for Images, now you can put 1, 2 or 3 Images per page sometime more in special Art design Albums that we do.  Some pages are for your 10x10 single images and maybe a panorama shot in the middle uses 2 sides.  So most albums have less than 100 pictures in them.

Come and see us and let us prove it to you by looking at what a real wedding album should look like!




Question: Who does your prints?  Do you print them yourself? Do you send them to Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target, Samís Club?


Answer: NO, NO, NO, and NO! We send our digital and film negatives to Professional Labs in the United States.

We actually sent many test pictures to many of the cheap super stores just to see what they would look like. The results where terrible! On our standard test print, which has 200 colored squares on it, over 33% where wrong! not just by a little bit either! Even the paper was cheaper and thinner.




Question: Can I have the High Quality Digital Files on DVD or Compact Disk for me to print where I like?


Answer: For the very reason above the standard answer is NO/Maybe.  We hold the copyright to all Images we take. Yes, the Rights in most cases can be purchased but, it is on a 1 by 1 basis.


What worries us is... When you have a print made at a non-Professional lab and itís wrong or itís not the way our Studio intended it to look, it is a reflection of our work, and we do not want bad looking prints hanging in living rooms, hallways and other places that reflect a bad image of our work!


We also hold very specific Rights to the images we take and what our customers will do/can do with them.

Example of Rights for a print from us used for your personal use is much different then a print from us used in the advertising world, say print magazines and so onÖ


According to federal law, images produced by a professional photographer are copyrighted the moment they are created. Federal law prohibits copying or reproducing copyrighted material without permission from the owner of the copyright, i.e., the photographer. If you copy or scan your photos, the photographer should be paid just as if you were buying reprints. If you or your videographer transfer the proofs to videotape, the photographer should be paid just as if you were buying reprints.




Question: Do you take Photographs of pets?  Children, Objects, Products and?


Answer: Yes, we love taking photographs of Pets, Children, babies, births, Seniors, you playing your guitar standing on top of a speaker 10 feet in the air, sure No problem, we love it!




Question: what makes up the cost of your great looking Wedding Albums and prints?


Answer: Wedding albums are a very labor intensive product.  Letís start at the beginning.


We photograph the Wedding, Service or special Event, and other locations (if any per our contract with you), the reception and so on...


Now what?


Next We backup all the images onto DVD ROMs' for safe keeping.


Then we have to sort through all the Images, sometimes (depending on the job) 500 to 1500 images.


We then do a quick Color correction, Brightness and Contrast adjustment, and some sharpening if needed on each image. We then resize all the images for the internet and create your private proofing web site.


Here is where you the customer get to look at your images at your own convenience.


Ok lets stop here!


How much time did it take to get to this point?  Depending on the size of the shoot we have already invested at least 5 plus hours of labor already (not including the shoot of course).


The next step is to have the customer pick out the images they want in their album.  Sounds easy, doesn't it?  Well, it's pretty hard (I think). Once you start Looking you want all of them but, you know that is not Practical at all.  Most Wedding Albums have under 25 pages in them. That's 50 sides.  You can, in some cases, get 2-5 images on a page but, you don't want to get it too cluttered.


Now that the customer has chosen the images (with our help if they want), we get busy doing a story line. This can be a long process with a lot of discussions....  but, once we have decided on what pictures and backgrounds are going to be on which page, the Art Time begins.


Each image (one at a time) is carefully viewed and retouched. It is not uncommon for us to spend an hour on 1 image.  We like to tweak an image to make it the best it can be.  You start to add up the time to retouch 75-125 images, well thatís a lot of hours that the customer never gets to see.


After the images are done being retouched, it is time to start building each page of images. This involves sizing and cropping of the images to make a page that is stunning.  Now you are looking at another hour or more per page, so that's another 50 hours of labor just in that step. (That's more than your normal work-week) How much money do you make in just over a week?


I think you can start to see where the cost is coming from.


Ok letís keep going here...


Once we have all the pages done we make a small copy of them and post them to your online Wedding Album internet site where again you can view them and make sure it is the way you like it.


At this point, we will make a couple of changes for you and some tweaks' but, if you start changing the whole album around we are going to have to charge you for the art time @75.00/hr our normal rate. Again this is a judgment call on what are excessive changes. (yes, we are reasonable people so don't worry about it).


Ok, letís say we have the customers approval on the layout.  Now we send the images to the LAB to get printed.  In about 10 business days or so we get the images back (hey, it's a real LAB! not Wal-Mart 1 hour service) and now we start to assemble the album. Which takes 2 people about another 3 hours to finish it.


Well I don't even want to add up all the hours we spent on making 1 Album because I'm sure It's a lot.


Oh Ok, lets do it.


5+50+rework time+3+the shoot, let say 70 Hours or so just shy of a 2 weeks of work.


Now letís add in the cost of the LAB for the prints.  Example 50 10x10's prints @ 18.75 = $937.50 in prints + the cost of the Album, pages for the album, and page masks.  Which is anywhere from $275.00 to around $800.00.


Oh, did you say you also wanted a DVD Slide Show with that Album?  There's another 5 to 10 hours of labor.


So now you know why a Professional Wedding Shoot with a real quality Album Costs what it does.


You get a wonderful keepsake that you and RScrip Studios are proud of. I have seen many brides break down and cry when they look at their albums for the first time.  Yes, they are crying for the happiness they feel looking at their new beautiful Album.




Didn't find the answer you were looking for?

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