Think Big!


Rock the world of your friends and family with flashy, durable double-laminated posters or a soft-as-silk satin banner.


RScrip Studios RockIts come in three sizes with decorative cord for hanging (plus silver or bronze bars satin version).


These unique banners are for the people who wants a serious memento of their special occasion.


They make great attention getters


Design your own RockIts images or use RScrip Studios templates


Great for use in malls, windows, in high schools or at shown-n-tells


Include clips at top and bottom and a decorative cord for hanging.


Satin RockIts have fully finished hems and silver or bronze bars.


All RockIts are vertical.


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Pricing and Sizes:

12" x 30"

Laminated $85

Satin $95


16" x 40"

Laminated $95

Satin $125


24" x 60"

Laminated $145

Satin $195